Remove a Module From The Table of Contents in MATH 111/112 WordPress Site

July 18, 2017 by Nia Ordinario

How to remove a module from the table of contents in the MATH 111/112 WordPress course site. This tutorial is specifically for MATH 111/112 and may not apply to other DCDC WordPress course sites.

  1. 1. Begin by logging in to your WordPress site.

WordPress login page
  1. 2. Click on MATH 111/112 and then Table of Contents.

Math 11 and Table of Contents button location
  1. 3. You are now in the Sort Course Content view.

Sort Course Content view example
  1. 4. To remove module, locate the module you would like to delete and click on X. The module will be placed in a section called Unattached Modules.

X button location
  1. 5. Click on Math 111 (or Math 112) to main course site.

Math 111 button location