Share Online Files With Others Through Links Using ownCloud

July 19, 2017 by Nia Ordinario

How to share your online files through links using ownCloud. This feature is used when sharing your files on ownCloud to others outside of the COE.

  1. Begin by clicking on the ownCloud icon and then selecting Open ownCloud in browser.

Open ownCloud in browser option location
  1. Locate the file you want to share, hover your mouse over the file and click on Share.

Share button location
  1. Check box to Share link.

Share Link option location
  1. You can also check the options to password protect or set an expiration date on the link, if you wish.

Password Protect and Set Expiration Date option locations
  1. Tip: If you are sharing a document that contain sensitive information or personally identifiable information (PII), you may wish to use one or both of these options.

    Copy the file link.

File Link location
  1. You can paste your copied link to an email message, Google doc or anywhere you would like the link to be available.

    To view links of files that you have already shared, click on the Shared by link tab on the left-hand side of the ownCloud client.

Share by link Button location