Request a Grouping of Laulima Courses

August 11, 2017 by Nia Ordinario

  1. 1. Go to Request Account ( located at the bottom of the Laulima site.

Request Account button location
  1. 2.  In the pulldown menu I am requesting a, choose Grouping (cross listing) of laulima courses

Drop down menu options
  1. 3. In the Required Information field, enter the necessary information of the 2 sections that the field is asking for.

Required Information box location
  1. 4. In the Special request info, enter the info of your main course as your master. By doing this, all of your content will be copied from that section. You can add the CRN and course title (3240, MAN.3240.SU16) here.

Box location for listed courses
  1. 5. Click on Request.