Import an Assessment Using the Assignments, Test and Surveys Tool

March 20, 2017 by James Park

How to import an assessment from a previous course using the Assignments, Test and Surveys tool.

  1. Begin by logging in to Laulima and navigating to the Laulima course site you would like to import the assessment from, then click on Assignments, Test and Surveys.

  1. Locate and check on the box next to the desired assessment. Click on Export.

  1. Click on the link to download the zip file for the assessment.

  1. Navigate to the Laulima course you want to import the assessment to. Click on Assignments, Tests and Surveys tool.

  1. Click on Import.

  1. Click on Import from a QTI file.

  1. Click on Choose File and locate the zip file that you downloaded from the previous step. Click on Upload.

  1. The assessment is now imported to the new Laulima course site. You can now edit the assessment as necessary, and set dates or other relevant options.