Create Question Pool Using Markup Text in The Assignments, Tests and Surveys Tool

July 14, 2017 by Nia Ordinario

How to import multiple choice, true/false and fill-in-the-blank questions from Microsoft Word, a Google Doc or a plain text document to create a question pool in The Assignments, Tests and Surveys Tool.

  1. 1. Before you import your questions, make sure that your questions are in the format as shown in screenshot.

  1. Tip: Editing the questions is easier on a text editor due to Word and Google Doc’s automatic ordered list formatting of numbers of letters with unnecessary spacing. Simply, copy all of your questions from Word or Google Doc and paste to TextEdit (Mac) or Notepad (Windows).

    2. Navigate to the Laulima course site you will be creating the question pool in, then click on Assignments, Tests and Survey.

Assignments, Tests, and Surveys button location
  1. 3. Click on Question Pools.

Question Pools button location
  1. 4. Click on Import.

Import button location
  1. 5. Click on Paste Questions & Import.

Paste Questions & Import button location
  1. Tip: There are other ways to import your assessment to the Assignments, Tests and Surveys’ tool via QTI, AT&S, and eCollege, however they are not covered in this tutorial.


    6. Copy all of the questions from from your Word, Google Doc or plain text document and paste into the text box.

Paste Specially formatted question text box location
  1. 7. Click on OK.

OK button location
  1. 8. Click on the question pool you created to verify if your assessment questions, question type and answers are correct.

Question pools list
  1. 9. To verify if the answers of your assessment question answers, click on the top checkbox to select all questions, and click on Preview.

Preview and checkbox button location
  1. 10. Verify your questions, question formats and answers. Click on Return.

Return button location
  1. 11. If there are question assessments that need editing, click on the question to edit. Press Done if assessment questions are correct.

Done button location