Create a Discussion Topic Using The Forum Tool

April 18, 2017 by James Park

How to create a discussion topic using the discussion tool in addition to linking a topic to the gradebook.

  1. Begin by navigating to the Laulima course site you would like to add the forum to, then click Site Info.

  1. Click on Edit Tools.

  1. Click on the Forums check box. Click Continue.

  1. Confirm that the Forums tool is listed. Click on Finish.

  1. Click on New Topic.

    Tip: See Forums: Overview to get an overview of the parts of the Forums tool and to distinguish between individual forums, topics and conversations.

  1. Provide the title of the discussion topic in the Topic Title field.

  1. You can optionally provide a short description and detailed description in the Short Description and Description fields.

  1. You can optionally add an attachment by clicking on Add attachments.

  1. Provide an open date and time if you would like to show the discussion topic at a scheduled date.

  1. Choose a gradebook item you would like the discussion topic to associate with.