Copy Assignments, Tests and Surveys Content from a Previous Course

July 12, 2017 by Nia Ordinario

How to copy Assignments, Tests and Surveys content from a previous course.

  1. 1. Begin by logging in to Laulima and navigating to the Laulima course site you would like to import the Assignments, Tests and Surveys content to, then click on Site Info.

Site Info location screenshot
  1. Tip: If you already have the Assignments, Test and Surveys tool in your course site, please go to step 6 in this tutorial.

    2. Click on Edit Tools.

Edit tools location screenshot
  1. 3. Click on the Assignments, Tests and Surveys checkbox.

Assignments, Tests, and Surveys location screenshot
  1. 4. Click on Continue.

Continue button location screenshot
  1. 5. Click on Finish.

Finish button location screenshot
  1. 6. Back in Site Info, click on Import from Site.

Import from site
  1. 7. Click on I would like to replace my data.

I would like to replace my data location screenshot
  1. 8. Locate and select the course you would like to copy the Assignments Tests and Surveys content from. For the purpose of this tutorial, I will select SPED-642-432. Click on Continue.

Class and continue button location screenshot
  1. 9. Select Assignments, Tests and Surveys. Click on Finish.

Assignments, Tests, and Surveys and Finish button locations
  1. 10. Your Assignments, Tests and Surveys content is now copied into the new course site. Please make sure to set open and due dates for the content, and publish each of your assessment items.