Add and Set-up Attendance Tool in a Laulima Course

April 18, 2017 by James Park

How to add an attendance tool to a Laulima course site. This tool can be useful for tracking attendance that is part of student grades.

  1. Begin by logging in to Laulima and navigating to the course site. Click on Site info.

  1. Click on Edit Tools.

  1. Click on the Attendance checkbox.

  1. Scroll to the bottom and click on Continue.

  1. Click on Finish.

  1. Click on Attendance and then click on Settings.

  1. Set the maximum points possible for the course for the semester.

  1. Click the checkbox Allow students to see their grade within this tool if you would like to allow students view their attendance points.

  1. Click the checkbox Send grades to the Gradebook is desired. Then review or edit the name of the gradebook item in the Gradebook Item Name. “Attendance” is the default name.

  1. Click on Save.

  1. In the Edit Status Settings section, you can set the attendance status options by checking or unchecking the statuses boxes. You can also drag and drop the order of the statuses if desired. If you would like to show comments to your students, click on the checkbox Show comments to students.

  1. Click on Attendance Items.

  1. Create an attendance item by entering the attendance item name, date and time. Click Save.

  1. Continue to add all of the attendance items for the class sessions in which you will be taking attendance. The attendance items will be listed in the Attendance Items section.

    Tip: You are now ready to track attendance with Laulima. Keep in mind that the Attendance tool is to help you track student attendance, but requires manual attendance status entry for each student during each session.