Convert Powerpoint Presentation Slides to JPEG Images and Upload to Blackboard Collaborate Using PowerPoint 2016 For Mac

July 14, 2017 by Nia Ordinario

How to convert a Powerpoint (.pptx) slideshow to image files (.jpeg) using PowerPoint 2016 for Mac and the converted upload presentation to Blackboard Collaborate. This tutorial will help Blackboard Collaborate moderators work around issues experienced when trying to upload pptx formatted presentation slides.

  1. 1. Begin by opening the pptx formatted presentation slides with PowerPoint.

    2. Click on File and select Export…

export button screenshot
  1. 3. Select On my Mac.

On my Mac button screenshot
  1. 4. Select Desktop as your file destination.

Desktop location screenshot
  1. 5. Select your image format. Your default image format is JPEG. You can optionally set your image format to PNG or GIF by clicking on the selection menu. These image file types are accepted by Blackboard Collaborate as well.

file format location screenshot
  1. 6. Click on Save Every Slide.

Save Every Slide location screenshot
  1. 7. Enter 1024 in the Height field. The width value will automatically adjust.

Height location screenshot
  1. 8. Click on Save. Each slide of the presentation will be saved as a set of JPEG files in a folder.

Save button location screenshot
  1. 9. In Blackboard Collaborate, click on Load Content.

Load Content location screenshot
  1. 10. Locate and open the presentation slides folder on your desktop.

Presentation location screenshot
  1. 11. Select all of the slide images by clicking on the first slide and hold shift + mouse click on last slide. Then click Open.

Slide images screenshot
  1. 12. Click on Import Images as Individual Pages. Click on Load.

Import images as Individual pages location screeshot
  1. 13. Verify that your presentation slides have uploaded by clicking on the top right menu and clicking on Show Page Explorer.

  1. 14. You will see your uploaded slides in the Page Explorer.

screenshot of uploaded slides