Best Practices on Files Drop in NextCloud.

July 12, 2017 by Nia Ordinario

Learn best practices using the Files Drop feature in NextCloud.


The Files Drop feature in NextCloud that allows anyone to upload files with the click of a button to the directory of your choosing, without needing a login, and they cannot see or change the contents of the directory. It is the perfect replacement for attaching large files to email, maintaining an FTP server, and commercial file-sharing services.

Setting up Files Drop

To get started with Files Drop, you must enable and setup the Files Drop feature in ownCloud [link to draft]. NEED TO CHANGE

Instructions to Users

When sending out your Files Drop link for users to upload, we recommend providing the following information to prevent miscommunications from occurring.

  1. File size limit (max 1 GB)
  2. A file naming convention
  3.    Acceptable file types (PDF, Excel, Word, PowerPoint)

Here is a generic template you could use and distribute to users

Managing Incoming Files

Please be aware that if you are expecting incoming files from hundreds of users, you may need to manage and organize the files. We highly recommend moving all incoming files at a periodic basis depending on the amount of files you are receiving (daily, weekly, or monthly, usually at the end of business day).