Update Splash Page WordPress Link in Laulima Course Site

August 11, 2017 by Nia Ordinario


Most of the DCDC designed Laulima course site will feature a splash page and the splash page may include a link to your WordPress course site.

screenshot of example course site

To update the link, you will need to verify if the splash page is stored in your Resources folder. This hidden folder would normally be named hidden or Splash Page (or splash_page).

hidden splash page

The following steps will enable you to edit the splash page.

1. Go to the Resources folder and find the hidden folder that has the splash page HTML file. Open the folder.

hidden folder location

2. Locate the splash.html or splash_page.html file. Right next to the file, click on Actions and select Edit Content.

splash.html and Edit Content locations

3. Scroll down to where the link is and double click on the link.

Course content link location

4. Paste the new link in the URL field. Click on Ok. Note: Please be sure to copy your updated WordPress link.

Location for URL

5. Click on Continue.

Continue button location

6. Go back to your Home page and click on the link to verify if your link is updated.