Joining a Blackboard Collaborate Session for Mac

September 27, 2017 by Nia Ordinario


Below are the steps for signing into a Blackboard Collaborate session. You’ll need to have the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher downloaded first in order to open the meeting file. If you have not already downloaded it, please refer to the tutorial titled, “Installing Blackboard Collaborate Launcher for Mac.”

Use your instructorʻs link or this test room in Firefox, commonly referred to as Blackboard Collaborate (BbC) virtual office (vOffice). If you are using a headset, plug it in before launching the session. Enter your name as you wish it to appear in the session (we suggest using both your first and last name). Click on Log In.

login page for blackboard collaborate session

Once you click on Log In, a file called meeting.collab will download and Firefox will ask what you would like to do with this file. Select Open with and click on Choose to select the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher.

download location for bbc

If this is your first time using the launcher to open the meeting.collab file, the following windows will appear. Go ahead and answer in the affirmative. Select Open.

confirmation page to open bbc

Select Move to Applications Folder.

move to applications folder permission

A security warning window will appear, click on Run.

security popup warning

When prompted, select your type of Internet connection and click OK.

internet connection selection page

Wait for the session to load. The loading process should take no more than 3 minutes. Clicking multiple times to force Blackboard Collaborate to open will give you an error message. Should you receive an error message, close out of Firefox and restart the process again. If you encounter the same error, restart your computer and try again.

loading page for bbc session

Once in the session, check your audio by clicking on the microphone with the red wheel icon or by going to Tools>Audio>Audio Setup Wizard.

welcome page to bbc session

Click on the light-switch icon to open your audio System Preferences. This will take you out of Blackboard Collaborate. Return to Blackboard Collaborate by locating the purple icon with arrows on your dock.

audio output selection page

Click on the Output and Input tabs to select your audio’s speakers (output) and microphone (input). When you are done with selecting your sound preferences, click on OK.

speaker check page

Click on Play to listen and configure your speaker settings. If the message was satisfactory, click on Yes.

speaker configuration page

You will be asked to configure your microphone (input) settings by choosing your microphone and clicking on OK.

microphone configure page

Click on Record to record your voice into your microphone, select Stop once you are done, and Play to listen to your recording. Click on Yes if you are satisfied with your recording.

microphone setup page

That’s it! You are done with your audio configuration.

setup complete page

A friendly reminder that each faculty who uses Blackboard Collaborate has their own vOffice link.