POSTED: APRIL 06, 2016

Join a Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Session With The Mobile App

How to join a Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Session with the Bb Student mobile app for Android and iPhone.

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Materials needed: Link to Instructor’s virtual office, Bb Student App for Android and iPhone

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Install Mobile App

  1. With your mobile device, access the Apple App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android). Search for Bb Student.

    Tip: The screenshots used in this tutorial will be illustrated with an iOS version on the left and an Android on the right.

  2. Install the Bb Student App.

    Tip: Although the Bb Student app is available to iPhone only, you should be able to use this app on the iPad. When you search for the Bb Student app in the App Store, you will need to change your search filter to iPhone Only.

Join a Session

  1. In your mobile device, open link provided by your instructor. Typically, your instructor will email the link or post it to the Laulima course site.

  2. If you have an iOS device, touch Open this page in “Bb Student”? Touch Open. For Android, touch Join session using Bb Student.

  3. Touch Join Collaborate without Signing in.

  4. Type in your name and touch Done.

  5. You are now connected to the Collaborate session via the Bb Student app.