Laulima Development Course Site

How to request a Laulima development (dev) course site. This is useful when you will be teaching an upcoming course and your course site is not yet available, but you would like to to add and organize course content ahead of time.

Type: Course Web Editing

Remove a Module From The Table of Contents in MATH 111/112 WordPress Site

How to remove a module from the table of contents in the MATH 111/112 WordPress course site. This tutorial is specifically for MATH 111/112 and may not apply to other DCDC WordPress course sites.

Type: Course Web Editing

Activate a Draft Forum in the Forums Tool

How to activate a draft forum in the Forums tool. Forums usually appear as a draft when copied from a previous course or a dev site in Laulima.

Type: Course Web Editing

Move a File Out of The Shared Folder To NextCloud Local Drive

Learn how to move a file or folder out of the shared folder in your NextCloud local drive. You can move a shared file to anywhere within your NextCloud folder.

Type: COE Tools

Locate a Google Form inside Google Drive

How to locate a Google Form you have access to

Type: Google Apps

Link to a WordPress Course Site inside a Laulima Course

How to create a link to a WordPress course site from inside a Laulima course.

Type: Course Web Editing

Install Mozilla Firefox Browser on a Windows Computer

How to install the Mozilla Firefox browser on a Windows computer.

Type: Misc

Hide a Weebly Site From Search Engines

How to hide your Weebly site from search engines. The site will be publickly viewable for those with the link, however the site will not appear in search results from web search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

Type: Misc

Edit the Menu Order in a Laulima Course

How to edit the order of available menu items in a Laulima course.

Type: Course Web Editing

Create Question Pool Using Markup Text in The Assignments, Tests and Surveys Tool

How to import multiple choice, true/false and fill-in-the-blank questions from Microsoft Word, a Google Doc or a plain text document to create a question pool in The Assignments, Tests and Surveys Tool.

Type: Course Web Editing